Book Treats! – New Release Day and 99 Cent Sale

This year has been pretty spooky, but we have some real book treats for you today!

It is currently Ace Week, which an annual campaign to raise awareness, build community, and create change around the world. Halloween is also soon, but why not have some book treats now with the release of Variable Current from Rose Sinclair and Alexandra Tauber.

If you haven’t checked out this queer science fiction series yet, the first book Hello World is on sale today. You can get the ebook for 99 cents in the U.S. or in the U.K. But act quick, the sale is only for a few days!

Hello World is the first book in the .Exe duology. This novel features a fast pace ace hacker adventure across Europe. If you enjoy quick, clever, and inclusive cyberpunk tales you’ll end up not being able to put this book down.

Variable Current is the last book in the .Exe duology. This novel features an story about a queer hacker trying to go white hat, and not losing yourself after you got everything you ever thought you wanted.

We are so proud to have an Ace Week release that is so ace focused. If you love science fiction, this series is now complete. Be sure to find out what’s next for Scott and Sonia, or start reading today for 99 cents this week.

After the death of a tech giant, thousands of augmented workers fight for their place in the world.

Anonymity is a powerful level of protection, and now everyone knows Scott is the infamous Hello World hacker. But taking down UltSyn wasn’t enough; he gotta make a living legally or throw away the thread of sanctuary he’s been granted.

After following the rules for months, Scott realizes someone is aiming to bring back the human rights nightmare he worked so hard to take down. But when Sonia throws in her support for reform, he must convince everyone of the truth — before UltSyn returns.

Are ready to treat yourself to fresh new science fiction today?

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