About Us

Our Mission

Our approach to publishing allows us to protect art against purely capitalistic motives and focus on the artists themselves. Here you won’t find a hyper-focus on the building of an “author’s brand” since we believe in fostering sustainability that will better allow writers to keep writing what they love.

Our History

Art Over Chaos Publishing started as Creative Aces Publishing in 2015 to highlight the wealth of art within the asexual community, but has since re-branded to better serve the wider LGBTQIA+ community. We currently have over dozen titles featuring even more authors from the queer community.

For questions email us: Info@ArtOverChaos.com

Our Values

Stories are what make us human.

  • Language and fiction for both good are ill are what set us apart as uniquely human.

Art Over Chaos is a publishing project.

  • The commodification of art has caused an entitlement of never ending ‘content’ and the erosion of critical thinking. We choose our art. We choose books.

Sustainability over endless growth.

  • Endless growth has a human cost. As a publisher it is our duty to find a sustainable path for authors to keep on writing safely on their terms. And as a business it is our job to move in ways that allow the books in our catalog to remain in print. 

Class solidarity, and workers first.

  • There are two classes: the working class and the owning class. Everything between is a lie to get us to buy into climbing a capitalist system.

“No war but the class war.”

  • Art history must be honored. This slogan was first used in socialist writers in Days of Hope.

We operate as a cooperative.

  • Both economic power, the functioning of a society, and art itself come from workers.

Being radical is not a hashtag.

  • Significant and fundamental change outside the bounds of what is considered mainstream is needed in order for everyone to live to their fullest. Retention rates, rage bait, and mindless sensationalism is detrimental to a just society. We choose fiction over fandom which places undue pressure on creators to conform to market driven “trends” in order to “brand” themselves.

Expression is what makes art.

  • Art is more than merely communication or emotional discharge. As readers, we hope you enjoy our curated collection of genres and mediums which all express the wide range of what it can mean to be a human in community with others. 

Mutual aid is how we all survive the end of capitalism. 

If you are in need of publishing assistance and don’t have the labor power needed to make your book publishing dreams come true, contact us, let us know what those dreams are. If we are able to help, we will.