Our Books

Our Books

Suicide By Ghost Rose Sinclair

Suicide By Ghost

Spiritually divorced from the church, former exorcist Ryan Macy is finding his own path as a ghost hunter. Traveling with only what can fit in his trusty truck, he road trips around America trying to prove the paranormal. When he’s called to a church to investigate a demon possession, what he finds is unexpected and, … Continue reading Suicide By Ghost

Bone Diggers

Bone Diggers

When everyone IRL lies, the only person you can trust is an NPC. Owen loves digging up dirt on fellow gamers. Being a Bone Digger is a profitable hustle that gives him access to everyone’s ugly secrets.  When a quest goes wrong, and his anonymity lost, Owen is forced to make a choice… Jail time … Continue reading Bone Diggers

Drowned In Milk Tea Anne Chivon

Drowned In Milk Tea

even after you’ve fadedfrom my mindfrom my heart i keep reheating this milk teafrom my cupfrom my memoriesto see if it will grow coldagain & again After her debut Cottontail Games: monsters and lovers Anne Chivon is back with Drowned In Milk Tea. A chapbook about the good and bad times that take place when … Continue reading Drowned In Milk Tea

Unburied Fables

Unburied Fables

Unburied Fables enlisted talent around the world. From students to seasoned professionals. These writers came together raising awareness and reinventing classic stories. This collection showcases a wide variety of origins and genres. All brought together with one classic element: happily ever after. Additionally, Fifty percent of Unburied Fables proceeds will be donated to the Trevor … Continue reading Unburied Fables

Press Start Book Rose Sinclair Jonathan Lopez

Press Start

Welcome to the fun new world of Press Start from from authors Rose Sinclair and Jonathan Lopez. A new app has turned the whole world into an augmented playground. By reinventing retro party games, HoloHeroes makes sure it has something for every player. However, Loren worries she’s been missing out. The death of her father … Continue reading Press Start

What You See Asexual Art Book

What You See

What You See is the first ace art book of its kind. Featuring 38 full-color pages brought to you by artists of the asexual community. The collection is all about pride, big and small, heartfelt and sometimes downright adorable. Inspired from the first #AceDay on May 8th, 2015 and sparked the creation of further community … Continue reading What You See