Our Books

Our Books

What You See

Discover the vibrant and expressive world of the asexual community in “What You See,” the first-ever art book dedicated to be for aces and by aces. This collection of full-color pages showcases the diverse and heartfelt perspectives of asexual artists, celebrating pride in all its forms. From bold and powerful statements to cute and whimsical … Continue reading What You See

Unburied Fables

Unburied Fables

Unburied Fables enlisted talent around the world. From students to seasoned professionals. These writers came together raising awareness and reinventing classic stories. This collection showcases a wide variety of origins and genres. All brought together with one classic element: happily ever after. Additionally, Fifty percent of Unburied Fables proceeds will be donated to the Trevor … Continue reading Unburied Fables

Drowned In Milk Tea Anne Chivon

Drowned In Milk Tea

 even after you’ve faded from my mind from my heart  i keep reheating this milk tea from my cup from my memories to see if it will grow cold again & again  After her debut Cottontail Games: monsters and lovers Anne Chivon is back with Drowned In Milk Tea. A chapbook about the good and bad times that take place when … Continue reading Drowned In Milk Tea

Press Start Book Rose Sinclair Jonathan Lopez

Press Start

Welcome to the fun new world of Press Start from from authors Rose Sinclair and Jonathan Lopez. A new app has turned the whole world into an augmented playground. By reinventing retro party games, HoloHeroes makes sure it has something for every player. However, Loren worries she’s been missing out. The death of her father … Continue reading Press Start

Suicide By Ghost

Former priest Ryan Macy must now find his own path as a ghost hunter. Traveling with only what can fit in his trusty truck, he road trips around America trying to prove the paranormal is real. When he’s called to a church to investigate a demon possession, he finds the unexpected. A teenage boy named, … Continue reading Suicide By Ghost

Bone Diggers

Bone Diggers

When everyone IRL lies, the only person you can trust is an NPC. Owen loves digging up dirt on fellow gamers. Being a Bone Digger is a profitable hustle that gives him access to everyone’s ugly secrets.  When a quest goes wrong, and his anonymity lost, Owen is forced to make a choice… Jail time … Continue reading Bone Diggers

Hello World

When a technology company can buy your personal freedom Scott is a hacker ready to prove that a single voice can be a powerful weapon. Scott’s skills as a surveillance expert are useful when he’s breaking down firewalls. But hacktivism isn’t enough; he’s going after the holy grail–UltSyn’s Human Information Drives, human assets implanted with … Continue reading Hello World

The 8th Rank

An enchanted wolf familiar. A noble rebel. And a magic-fueled race to stop the murder of a queen. Haunted by his missing memories, Mal wants answers. This Big Bad Wolf only knows he’s been wrongfully made a villain. When a magic mirror shows Robin Hood is searching for him, Mal hopes this man might be … Continue reading The 8th Rank

Other People’s Butterflies

Gwen Foster has never been kissed. But when she gets the chance to finally see what all the hype is about, it’s with her best friend’s crush. Embroiled in relationship drama she doesn’t understand, and ostracized from her friend group, Gwen escapes the angst by using her favorite femme fatale as a role model… and … Continue reading Other People’s Butterflies

The 9th Pawn

A playful necromancer. A prince looking for love. And a quest to save a sleeping princess. Madison is just a simple hatter fulfilling the whims of the fussy aristocracy. Or at least he’s pretty sure he was in one lifetime. Now more of a tea drinking sort with a pension for necromancy. After meeting a … Continue reading The 9th Pawn

The 10th Master

A drunken guard captain. His ex-boyfriend turned jinn. And a wondrously disastrous escape into a whole new world to fulfill three of their darkest wishes. Drunkenly turning a soldier under his command into a powerful genie was never part of Hadi’s military strategy. When that soldier is also your ex-boyfriend things get even more awkward. … Continue reading The 10th Master

Wander The Night

The fey can’t lie, but secrets never die. Robin Goodfellow is at home in a world of chaos, and there is plenty while serving in the Green Court of Faerie, a place of veiled magical deceit, and fickle immortal kings and queens. When it is discovered a servant is the rightful successor to the throne, … Continue reading Wander The Night

Variable Current

After the death of a tech giant, thousands of augmented workers fight for their place in the world. Anonymity is a powerful level of protection, and now everyone knows Scott is the infamous Hello World hacker. But taking down UltSyn wasn’t enough; he gotta make a living legally or throw away the thread of sanctuary he’s been … Continue reading Variable Current