The 9th Pawn

A playful necromancer. A prince looking for love. And a quest to save a sleeping princess.

Madison is just a simple hatter fulfilling the whims of the fussy aristocracy. Or at least he’s pretty sure he was in one lifetime. Now more of a tea drinking sort with a pension for necromancy.

After meeting a curious young prince named Henri, Madison is ready to kiss as many frogs as it takes to win his heart. In all of his lifetimes, Madison has never met anyone as captivating as this magical prince.

To prove his sincerity as a suitor, Madison is sent on a quest to help stabilize the kingdoms that he helped tear apart. After thinking love was in his past, can Madison now keep the spark of romance they ignited together alive?

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Bigger, badder magic, with even more seductive steam.

The 9th Pawn is standalone/sequel in the Big Bad Magic series and rare in that Madison and Henri’s story is even better than the first in this series.

If The 8th Rank sets the deadly stage, The 9th Pawn dances across it with a surer footing. Having the Mad Hatter as the point of view character gave everything a maddeningly lovable effect as you laugh along with him.

Trust me here, the timing of everything, how Madison looks at the world, the way things are written are filled with more joy that you get to share. Anyways, thxlovedthis – 5 Stars From TJ