Bone Diggers

When everyone IRL lies, the only person you can trust is an NPC.

Owen loves digging up dirt on fellow gamers. Being a Bone Digger is a profitable hustle that gives him access to everyone’s ugly secrets. 

When a quest goes wrong, and his anonymity lost, Owen is forced to make a choice… Jail time or playing in the public eye. If he can survive, Age of Shadows promises fame, fortune, and adventure. The only chance he has is to team up with a handsome thief and an ambitious recruit. 

That’s if his daily adventures don’t prove more perilous than the digital swordfights, because without a walkthrough he may pay with his life.

Don’t miss this award winning featured science fiction from a powerhouse author team.

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 Top Reviews for Bone Diggers

Unique Storytelling, Gripping Plot – This isn’t the type of book I’d normally pick up, but when one of the authors was offering a discounted and signed copy, I thought it sounded like a good chance to try the book – and I’m so happy I did.

Everything about this book was like a breath of fresh, creative air. The third person perspective focus switches mid-chapter were seamless and interesting, guiding me to paying attention to new developments and dropping plot hints for clever foresight. The whole concept of bone diggers and immersive VR gaming. The odd balance of mundane work life, balancing family/friends, and the place where you retreat to in order to cope with all the other stuff. And all of it kept my attention and kept me wanting more.

The world building was a nice, slow burn. The characters were real and relatable. The relationships were complex and layered and intense. And those gosh dang plot twists! Perfectly built up to, obvious in hindsight, but wonderfully surprising when they cropped up. – 5 Stars From C. Nauer