Other People’s Butterflies

Gwen Foster has never been kissed. But when she gets the chance to finally see what all the hype is about, it’s with her best friend’s crush. Embroiled in relationship drama she doesn’t understand, and ostracized from her friend group, Gwen escapes the angst by using her favorite femme fatale as a role model… and makes snooping on her classmates her new pastime. 

Gwen’s detective work appears to be going well, until an unknown social media account starts spilling all the scandalous personal details she’s uncovered. Now this wannabe spy must stop whoever is behind it before everyone’s dirty laundry is aired, and Gwen is forced to finish high school without any friends.

Other People’s Butterflies is an aro ace coming-of-age contemporary mystery about not needing to find your first love – but yourself – and how to mend the relationships that matter to you.

Don’t miss this own voices debut from Cora Ruskin.

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Top Reviews for Other People’s Butterflies

This is the book I absolutely wish I had in high school. It does a brilliant job that crossing an aro ace protagonist who has a traditionally sexy character archetype as a role model and all the beautiful misadventures that happen because of that. – 5 Stars from Fuck Yeah Asexual

Other People’s Butterflies feels like a very honest take on what it is like to be a teenager questioning who you are and what your feelings mean. This story shines a light on the things young people go through in trying to fit into a role they believe they are supposed to fill, as well as the stigmas placed on them for things out of their control. Other People’s Butterflies holds your hand and tells you that it is okay to feel different. – 5 Stars from YA Author Jonathan Lopez