Drowned In Milk Tea

 even after you’ve faded
 from my mind
 from my heart

 i keep reheating this milk tea
 from my cup
 from my memories
 to see if it will grow cold
 again & again

 After her debut Cottontail Games: monsters and lovers Anne Chivon is back with Drowned In Milk Tea. A chapbook about the good and bad times that take place when one first falls in love, and how she coped with the memories that left both a sweet, and bitter, taste behind.

 In the paperback version, Anne Chivon invites you to tell your own story alongside hers with a prompt inspired by each poem.

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Top Reviews for Drowned In Milk Tea

A book with a lot of heart and soul. This was shorter than I thought it’d be but just as lovely as I expected. Anne Chivon’s work is always a welcome piece of fresh air and always written with such care and extraordinary imagery – 5 Stars from Margo Angélique

Drowned In Milk Tea
1 oz heartbreak
2 oz simple syrup nostalgia
1 oz misery
Stir with cracked ice, then strain into a chilled salt shaker. Garnish with a brandied cherry.

As always, Chivon’s manipulation of language is exquisite. I heartily recommend this trim collection of micro-poems. And for those readers and writers so inclined, every other page has a writing prompt. – 5 Stars From Ashly