The 8th Rank

An enchanted wolf familiar. A noble rebel.
And a magic-fueled race to stop the murder of a queen.

Haunted by his missing memories, Mal wants answers. This Big Bad Wolf only knows he’s been wrongfully made a villain. When a magic mirror shows Robin Hood is searching for him, Mal hopes this man might be his long-lost home.

Mal must stitch together the pieces of his reclaimed past to find out who Robin was to him. All signs point to Robin being his childhood friend, but Mal is interested in being more than just friends now. Thankfully, Mal’s magical talents make him a valuable resource for any cause. And he’s willing to dedicate himself to one man: Robin.

Reunited in a hidden forest, Mal learns his desires to get closer aren’t so unrequited after all. With the kingdom overrun with chaos, it puts Mal and Robin’s relationship to the test. Can they overcome the obstacles in their path to find their happily ever after?

The 8th Rank is the first in the spellbinding Big Bad Magic series. This fantasy novel features a cursed hero in search of redemption in a friends to lovers romance, ending with a happily ever after.

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Fantasy At Its Best

When I was a kid the mini-series to event of the 2000s was The 10th Kingdom. In that show a father and daughter get lost in a fairy tale world where warring trolls, giants and goblins have taken over the kingdoms of Snow White, Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood, and other stories. The 8th Rank is set up similarly where Sleeping Beauty, Frog Prince, and the Beast, all have separate kingdoms held under the control of the Queen of Hearts.

While the two are alike in setting, The 10th Kingdom as beloved as is it to me was also for kids. While The 8th Rank is far more representative with its gay main (and side) characters, steamy romance, and morals on not only getting back home, but accepting help from the stories in which we all probably grew up with to some degree. The series already has far more magic than my comparison, and I really enjoy seeing Mal come to slowly better understand. If you are looking for a straight retelling (pun intended), that’s not found here with a book where Red Riding Hood is an antagonist. But if you loved The 10th Kingdom, Once Upon A Time, or even Kingdom Hearts, but always thought could be more gay though, this is the book for you. – A 5 Star Review From TJ