Suicide By Ghost

Former priest Ryan Macy must now find his own path as a ghost hunter. Traveling with only what can fit in his trusty truck, he road trips around America trying to prove the paranormal is real.

When he’s called to a church to investigate a demon possession, he finds the unexpected. A teenage boy named, Andrew who has been kicked out for being gay. With no where to go, Andrew joins the ghost hunting team. But when their equipment picks up a disembodied voice they both fear evil is following them. Will Ryan and Andrew be sidelined by a past that haunts them, or will they find something new to believe in?

Suicide By Ghost is a novella about asking if there’s something more out there. If you like found families, gay characters finding their way, and silly humor, then you’ll love this surprisingly hopeful tale.

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Top Reviews of Suicide By Ghost

Found Family Warmth
TW: there is no suicide in the book, but there is frank discussion of homo/transphobia.
Potential spoiler alert, but this book left me with feelings of contentness, optimism, and hope.

Which I was not expecting. I was honestly expecting spookiness with a side of found family. What I found family with a side of questioning religion/paranormal. And it was great. Rose always has a way of making queer characters without the book BEING about queer characters. That pattern continues in Suicide by Ghost, which has a trans, gay, and lesbian found family.

Undoubtedly this book focuses on their queer identities, but it’s not just about Queer Pain ™. Featuring a rich story about hunting ghosts and trying to find balance between religion, self expression, and the paranormal.

One of my favorite things about this book is you feel like you’re experiencing just a chapter of the characters’ lives. We pick up in Ryan’s life with him going on a job; it feels like this is just the beginning of another chapter for him and it leaves the ending open, so you know they are going to continue traveling and growing their found family. This is a quick read that you will love if you’re looking for something that features visibly queer characters and found family dynamics. – 5 Stars from Amy M