The 10th Master

A drunken guard captain. His ex-boyfriend turned jinn. And a wondrously disastrous escape into a whole new world to fulfill three of their darkest wishes.

Drunkenly turning a soldier under his command into a powerful genie was never part of Hadi’s military strategy. When that soldier is also your ex-boyfriend things get even more awkward.

Kicked out of the royal guard for stealing from a wondrously forbidden cave, he and a newly made genie, Autar, must figure out a new life for themselves. One where a spoken desire becomes a spellbound order.

Their goal is to break the bond, but Hadi can’t bring himself to wish for Autar to leave. And for a man who has already spent years under Hadi’s leadership, Autar has his own desires to fill with this second chance at life and love. Can these two reconcile their past to create a magical future together?

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Dangerous AND Sexy!
“[…] The 10th Master has two parts within, the first half sets up everything about the second half, and this truly feels like a long read for a short story! Autar and Hadi make for interesting characters all on their own, but together provide so much natural movement in the story with their good conversation and banter, in moments when their circumstances are less than exciting, the chemistry between the soldiers and the exploration of their relationship both casually and beyond, keeps the story well paced and a… variety of interests piqued! […] I enjoyed following Hadi and Autar through political drama, and personal drama, and finding their way together, and back together.” – 5 Star Verified Review From Lyzz