Welcome to our submissions page! If your story fits the following below email us at today!

We publish mostly queer works that have diversity canonically within the text. But are open to all types of science fiction, fantasy, and contemporary stories that embrace the queer spirit of “strangeness” and the inherent beauty of such a thing.

Submissions for Novels and Novellas:
Please send your query letter with the following information:

  • The title, category, the approximate word count of your work
  • A brief overview of your story, similar to that of a back-cover copy.
  • Your bio, including existing works, awards, background, and pronouns.
  • The first twenty pages of your story.

Submissions for Poetry:
We are not accepting poetry at this time unless you previously invited, thank you!

Misc. Mutual Aid:

If you are low income author looking for help instead of publishing directly with us please send us infomation about you and your project along with the type of support you need in order to publish.

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