Welcome to our submissions page! If your story fits the following below email us at today!

Unlike other publishers, we won’t limit you to genre or age group, but we do want a piece of yourself in your story. We’d also prefer diversity that is reflected canonically within the text. Stories don’t have to be about identity itself so equally we’d love to see your aces in space, or princesses saving their girlfriends from dragons. (Or with the dragon!)

Submissions for Novels and Novellas:
Please send your query letter with the following information:

  • The title, category, the approximate word count of your work
  • A brief overview of your story, similar to that of a back-cover copy.
  • Your bio, including existing works, awards, background, and pronouns.
  • The first twenty pages of your story.

If you are looking for limited help instead of publishing directly with us please send us infomation about you and your project along with with the preface of what piece of the publishing pie you are looking for help with. If you need a cover, typesetting, mentorship, or something else aside from marketing to help make your publishing dreams to come true, feel free to contact us for support.

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