Press Start

Welcome to the fun new world of Press Start from from authors Rose Sinclair and Jonathan Lopez.

A new app has turned the whole world into an augmented playground. By reinventing retro party games, HoloHeroes makes sure it has something for every player. However, Loren worries she’s been missing out. The death of her father and a move across the country makes it feel as though she has to start life over. As a sweet sixteen gift, Loren’s given Ghost Glasses, allowing her to be her own HoloHero. Local meet-ups serve as a jumping-off point to make new friends, find herself, and win cash prizes. But what started as casual fun turns into an accidental rivalry with a veteran champion of the game and a race towards the national stage.

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Top Reviews For Press Start 

A Real Sweet Soft Read – I picked this up on a whim because hey, I could always use another book to read right now, and with sweet queer rep as well? Sign me the heck up.

It’s a very low stakes plot, which is refreshing as all get out. Just a young kid who’s recently moved home, making friends playing a new game. […] The basis of this book is v much the friendships they make along the way (and the girlfriend! The casual coming out (by accident which is such a mood lmao)). When the characters do come out, there isn’t a fuss made over them, which I really appreciated. They’re allowed to exist without having to explain themselves. The rivalry is also less of a “I want to tear you down because your new way of doing things is wrong” and more of a “hey, wouldn’t it be great if more people could play this game” inclusive gesture and it’s just. so nice to read them all uplifting each other as they do.

Also? The mechanics of the game at the centre of this book are really cool! I want to play it so bad like, so if… someone would like to get on that… ;)) – 5 Stars from Leiri Kaithr