Same Books, New Me

There’s a Shakespeare quote I think of fairly often. “A rose by another other name would smell as sweet.” It’s a line that claims that names don’t change what things are. While I believe in this, we also all know the power of names, and to the trans community they often have a phoenix-like property to them.

That’s why I’d like to introduce my new name to you.

Rose Sinclair

Not only do I love the look and sound of this name, I also think it will be a benefit to me as an author. It’s easier to google for example, it’s has a clearer tone for my genres, and so on. Most authors once they have a book out are stuck with a name, but thanks to people I work with I’m not. Hopefully, with your help the progress made with the old name is ground that can be quickly regained.

Bone Diggers and Unburied Fables over the next few weeks will be updated to reflect this change. Since Pandamoon Publishing has elected not to join in, Hello World will have the old name until the contact’s end in 2021. Because of that you don’t have to treat the old name as a no-go zone. This serves as another reason why I wanted to write to clarify that the two names are not pen names of each other, and wherever it can be avoided I won’t be writing under multiple names. Everything is heading in the direction of this change.

I’m really excited for it and even more excited that I can do so without leaving behind works that have meant, and continue to mean, so much to me. Not everyone is able to do that and while my path may not be traditional, it is somewhat blessed. I hope you find this news half as magical as I do. Thanks for much for reading!

⁃ Rose Sinclair

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