Best Bath Ever

I feel like I’m sticking my toe into “lifestlye blogging” today because I want to talk about things you might otherwise see on HGTV. That’s the trick kids, few care about HGTV until you are old enough.

I once had an apartment that when we toured it the guide said, “that tub is so big you could have a party in there.” It was a wasted opportunity because we have since moved and have a tiny shallow bathtub combo that Home Depot workers looked at and said nope, you are on your own replacing that one. We can’t even use those bath trays because there’s no lip for it to sit on. If you bath prospects look grim like mine did, I’m here to help!

My move to try to reclaim bath time as part of my best life was inspired by these Sugar Fizzies on Etsy. I’ll talk about them more soon, but the first step of my journey was to ask myself what I liked and disliked about baths. and here’s the winning combination of inexpensive products I got.

Waterproof eReader Case – Paid $10 
This is designed for an apple device, and I do want to try just watching movies in the bath, but I stuffed my kindle paperwhite into it and it worked perfectly. I read without worrying once that the water or even stream was going to ruin the device.

Magic Shower Hook – Paid $2.14 
A shelf or a short table will really prevent you leaning over to tub and dripping water on your phone or anything you keep near you on the bath. Since mine doesn’t have that and I didn’t always want to move a table in and out I got this shower hook because the eReader case has a big string on it. That way I can put the kindle down without getting it soaked. I mean the case worked, but do you really want to fish around in the water for it?

Bath Pillow – Paid $11
These things can get sooo expensive.  I didn’t want the cheapest one but I also didn’t want to blow the budget on a pillow I may or may not use much. I tried this pillow because like everything listed so far, it was returnable. But no need, it’s great! Small enough to dry fast, didn’t have to blow it up with air. Simplicity is a wonderful thing.

Sugar Fizzies – Depends on quantity 
I actually got mine as a pre-lease trial from my friend and mod who fights for everyone which is why I can honestly say the themeing of these sugar fizzies as self care is not a marketing ploy, they are a thought out act of pride and self acceptance.  I used the “Merlin” one which had a great smell of Apple Cinnamon. Normally scent appears then vanishes for me, but from start to finish it lasted. Zero clean up, didn’t have to try to get it to dissolve. Effortless. I have two left and I’m excited to make the best of them!

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