Asexual Men In Fiction List! – Find our suggestions for your new favorite.

I was asked for a list of asexual men in fiction recently.  Here’s our wide collection across media times of ace dudes being dudes.

You can find our complete asexual characters in fiction masterlist here. Or even sent updates here so when new books come out with great new characters they get added. The list of asexual characters has absolutely grown in recent years and I believe it will continue to.

If you see a series with a * at the end of it. That means I’ve read, watched, or played the series. And in all cases definitely would recommend them for others.

Asexual Men In Comics, Video Games, or Books

Aro Aces (Assorted Media Type)
Daud from Dishonored*
Men of color (Assorted Media Type)
Dionysus from The Wicked and The Divine*
Luffy from One Piece
Lance from The Once And Future Queen*
Dareka/Anonymous from Shimanami Tasogare
Raphael from City of Bones*
James from Dreamland Burning
New Adult Aces
Aidan from The Alpha and His Ace
Trey from Crush
Brennan from All The Wrong Places
Elie from The Life and Death of Elie and Jay
Neil from The Foxhole Court
Cy from How Now To Summon Your True Love
Wes from Mr. March Names the Stars
Regan from Chameleon Moon*
Adult Aces
Casey from How To Be A Normal Person*
Scott from Hello World*
Roman from City of Soldiers
Nick from The Pardoner’s Tale
Young Adult Aces
Kevin from Guardian of the Dead
Tom From This Song Is (Not) for You
Jake from The Asexual Equation
Bran from Coffee Cake
Micheal from Thief of Souls
Manny from Ball Caps and Khakis
Dexter from To Terminator, With Love

Asexual Men on TV

The only example I can fully rec when it comes to television. He’s a romantic ace and has a dedicated respectful asexual story arc. There are others asexual men on TV that you can find on our master list. You can also read about why  I didn’t include them. 90% of the time it’s because it’s a throwaway line or the arc isn’t so nice to aces or aros.

In this case, Todd from Bojack Horseman is the stand out winner of his category.

There’s even more ace characters to be found in our book review tag!

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