Release Day: What You See

On May 8th 2015, the asexual community had their first Ace Day. It had one goal, to give the community a day where awareness was good, but pride was better. The day was willed with selfies, pride, stories, awareness, and a lot of art. Sara (The Asexuality Blog) and I were amazed how many people created beautiful things without prompt to celebrate the day. Those pieces served as the first for the collection. And now, the pride from months ago is back in time for Asexual Awareness Week!!

What You See from Creative Aces is the first art book of its kind and features 38 full color pages brought to you by artists of the asexual community. The collection is all about pride, big and small, heartfelt and sometimes down right adorable.

Two dozen asexual artists came together to make this and I’m thrilled to announce it’s now available on amazon! 

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