New @ Little Free Library!

August and September Books

Contact by Carl Sagan

Science is a collective process so few people can define a field of study, but Carl Sagan is one of those rare exceptions. His words, both fiction and non, have taught and inspired the next generation of people who look up in the sky with wonder.

Star Wars Journal – Queen Amidala

As a kid, I never understood why everyone hated Episode I. That’s because with me was the Queen of Naboo. A fighter and leader since she was a young girl. Written like a diary, this story follows her through various disguises on and off her home planet. When I saw it, I knew it just had to be in the collection.

Daemon by Daniel Suarez

This debut always caught my attention because like mine it is a thriller about computers. While a popular and well-reviewed book I never saw it in the wild until a few days ago. It must be spreading like a computer virus…

This three books will be joining my current Little Free Library which is a book exchange program in your front yard. Take a book or leave a book at any of the 50,000 micro-libraries in the world.  You can also help sponsor my Read Box here so I can continue to share these memories and more with you and others.