Wander The Night Cover Reveal!

We’ve been keeping this artful little gem to ourselves,
but with pride are pleased to announce our newest author and her fantasy tale.

The fey can’t lie, but secrets never die.

Robin Goodfellow is at home in a world of chaos, and there is plenty while serving in the Green Court of Faerie, a place of veiled magical deceit, and fickle immortal kings and queens.

When it is discovered a servant is the rightful successor to the throne, Robin’s kingdom faces falling apart as a dangerous invading land prepares to steal the heir for their own cruel ends. In order to save the secret prince he helped raise, Robin must rebel against everything he has ever known.

To come out alive, he will have to take action and sacrifice every false identity he’s ever created. Because who he really is—beyond the trickster persona and under the hilarious wit and sarcasm—easily could be more valuable and feared to his power-hungry enemies than to himself. Treacherous adventures, deadly consequences, and powerful truths that cannot be unspoken push the bonds between friends and family alike to their lethal limits, but will they break?

V.E. Schwab’s A Darker Shade of Magic meets Rory Power’s In A Garden Burning Gold in Wander The Night, an own voices aro ace Midsummer Night’s Dream inspired epic fantasy.

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The Cupid Fate Cover Reveal!

Not all love is meant to last,
but with the Underworld on your side there’s a chance in Hell.

In Elysian, there’s always another soul needing guidance into the afterlife. Makaria knew it wouldn’t always be an easy job, but she never expected the living to start showing up, or for Cupid to have such poor aim.

Rule number one of being Cupid: fate’s arrows are only meant for humans. But when it comes to taking his shot… Cupid realizes there’s plenty of love left and aims with his own heart. Smitten over the kindness Makaria shows for the dead and dying, he does what any good man would with the influx of sudden guests: help, dote, and please.

Makaria didn’t expect love after so much death, but something about Cupid brings out a desire for her own blessed rapture. As the lines between the living and dead blur, Makaria and Cupid realize a return to normal means separating the realms. Will playing Cupid be enough, or are they fated to endure being worlds apart?

American Gods meets Dark Olympus in The Cupid Fate. Book one of the Children of Hades series features fake dating, happily ever after, and Greek myths retold for lovers of all things dark and holy. Welcome to the modern next generation of gods who are as sizzling as they are sweet.

The paperback of`The Cupid Fate will be out on April 4th 2023, and the ebook is available for pre-order right now.

Perilous Pied Piper Cover Reveals!

A playful piper. A mayor with a secret.
And a debt that must be paid before hearts can be won.

Perilous Pied Piper is an enemies to lovers gay fairytale romance between Piper, and the Mayor of Hamelin. It can be easily read as a stand alone. But Piper first appears in Hopelessly Hooked. Both stories are about 25k each and are perfect sized novellas to cozy up with.

Do you have a favorite version? I love both the ebook and paperback versions so much in different ways. I love how the ebook version as a bit of the pied color clothing. While the paperback is moody and more of a piper. The back of the paperback has a bronze title of a Hamelin rat. So, no matter what version you get, both are magical!

A sleepy coastal town just signed on a perilously magical new hire
that reveals the mayor’s heart and stunning empty pocketbook.

The Mayor of Hamelin
Everyone fears rats, so I never expected someone to claim the bounty. Then Piper struts into town all color and song and fixes the problem in a single afternoon. When I can’t pay, his playful banter turns into outright extortion. Threatening my reelection with a series of escalating pranks that I refuse to admit are actually funny.

The Pied Piper
I know Mayor Finch of Hamelin respects the law, so I can cash out if I push him. If he can’t afford me, a scandal is definitely too high of a price. Pushing his buttons and watching him squirm is far more fun anyway. I’d call it foreplay, but election season is so drawn out it might count as my longest relationship.

Playing dirty keeps me untouchable, but drawing this heated tension out further might tie me up in endless red tape. Despite the delight I take in tormenting him, I find myself wanting him to win. In the end, will I be one left with a broken heart?

The paperback of Piper’s story will be out on November 22nd, and the ebook is available for pre-order right now. Don’t miss out on the magic and pre-order today!

THE 10TH MASTER Cover Reveal

A drunken soldier. A magical lamp. And a journey to fulfill their darkest wishes.

Drunkenly turning a soldier under his command into a powerful genie was never part of Hadi’s military strategy. When that soldier is also your ex-boyfriend things get even more awkward.

Kicked out of the royal guard for stealing from a wondrously forbidden cave, he and a newly made genie, Autar, must figure out a new life for themselves. One where a spoken desire becomes a spellbound order.

Their goal is to break the bond, but Hadi can’t bring himself to wish for Autar to leave. And for a man who has already spent years under Hadi’s leadership, Autar has his own desires to fill with this second chance at life and love. Can these two reconcile their past to create a magical future together?

The 10th Master is the last in the spellbinding Big Bad Magic series and easily able to be read as a standalone. This fantasy novel features an Aladdin inspired story, light BDSM, second chances, and a happily ever after.

Don’t miss out on the magic and pre-order today!

Hopelessly Hooked Release Day & Giveaway!

Happy Release Day to Hopelessly Hooked!
Let’s celebrate with a giveaway!

Sail in, sail out. Steal a man’s heart and plenty of his art.

Warren, darling
Try as I may, I can’t get the voice of the Jolly Roger’s captain out of my head. Captain Hook believes my magic keeps him safe, but in truth I’m pushing him out to sea. We are destined to be together, but what Hook doesn’t know can’t hurt me. Can’t tempt me away from the sanctuary I’m trying to build on land. No matter how badly I want to taste the salt water on his skin.

Captain Hook
The difference between a curse and a blessing is perspective. What was meant as a punishment has given me a wonderful life of piracy. The only cost is I’m bound to the mage who cast the spell. Warren is a darling artist who claims to get seasick with black hair, and one sky-blue eye that captivates me like only the ocean can. If he’s as uninterested as he claims, why does he say my real name like my heart is the only treasure that matters?

Hopelessly Hooked is a standalone gay fantasy romance featuring a fated mates trope,
an art loving pirate, scorching sexy magic, and a guaranteed a happily ever after!

Out Now in ebook, paperback, and KU!

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