Bone Diggers FNVR Edition

Welcome to the surprise cover re-reveal of Bone Diggers!

In 2018 before genre norms were established, popularized, and then normalized as the standard, we released a book about video games vs reality that tons of bisexual heart. To honor it and the stories continued relevancy to the world we still live in, Bone Diggers has a new cover!

Bone Diggers - Age of Shadows FNVR Edition

This Age of Shadows FNVR editions features a bigger cover focus on the book’s in game world, but we made sure to keep those bi colors flying in the back ground. If you are old school, or simply love limited editions the original cover is now exclusively available in our store. We believe fans of LitRPG, science fiction that blurs into fantasy romance, and just fans of Owen’s avatar self will adore this cover as much as we do. This FNVR edition is available in kindle unlimited, kindle ebook, and in paperback!

Bone Diggers - Age of Shadows FNVR Edition

Owen loves digging up dirt on fellow gamers. Being a Bone Digger is a profitable hustle that gives him access to everyone’s ugly secrets. When a quest goes wrong, and his anonymity lost, Owen is forced to make a choice… Jail time or playing in the public eye.

If he can survive, Age of Shadows promises fame, fortune, and adventure. The only chance he has is to team up with a handsome thief and an ambitious recruit. That’s if his daily adventures don’t prove more perilous than the digital swordfights, because without a walkthrough he may pay with his life.

Bone Diggers is a stand-alone novel with VR themes, enemies to lovers, and partners in crime. If you’re looking for a story that blurs reality with the digital world and shows how both make up who someone is, you can’t miss out on this adventure!

Happy First Day of Fall & Release of Bone Diggers!

My new novel is here to help you celebrate in all of its chaotic bi-energy. You can grab this VR adventure in ebook and paperback for the first time today!!

If you like Warcross, Ready Player One, or simply thought Assassin’s Creed needed more LGBTQ+ rep, this is the book for you. In it we explore and comment on fandoms and the things they taught me about the importance of seeing yourself in a video game. If the book seems like your type of thing, I hope you check it out!