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Welcome to the new home of Great Ace Club!

This book club has been lovingly handed down over time to three different aces that simply want to share their love of books with the rest of the world.

We started with just a few people coming together on a Facebook group, and now includes hundreds of readers and provide free ebooks whenever we can!

Little did the hosts know that it would grow into the thriving book club it is today. Art Over Chaos Publishing is happily providing us with admin and hosting support to keep this Great Ace Club dream alive.

Our door is always open to new members, no matter who you are. We are proud to bring together people from all over the ace spectrum and beyond. To be an official member simply drop your email in our mailing list. By signing up you’ll be the first hear about our featured picks and get free ebooks when they are available.

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We hope you come read with us — we’d love to share all that Great Ace Club has to offer!

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About Our Host

Hi, I’m Amy! I’m a legal assistant in North Carolina. When I’m not working, writing, or taking care of my three cats, I enjoy reading and throwing my paycheck at making intricate cosplay.

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Lumberjanes Discussion Questions

May’s GreatAce.Club’s pick was Lumberjanes from an awesome writer/artist, Noelle Stevenson! If you’ve watched the new She-Ra, it’s the same person! We’ll be reading the first trade edition, which included the first four issues. Rather than try to divide up a comic book, we are instead going to break it down and take a look … Continue reading Lumberjanes Discussion Questions