Sensitivity Reading

Sensitivity readers are like a public relations for the actual text of your book. We read your books looking for harmful elements to minority groups. It’s not a foolproof way to avoid messing up, but it is another tool authors can use since not everyone is aware of intricacies of often ignored communities. No one reader is aware of every harmful trope or accidental aggression, so here are the topics I can help you the best with. My ‘own voice’ experiences are mostly within the asexual spectrum, since I’m a bi ace are extremely active in the community. I’m also a state certified advocate with a focus on crisis situations and the concerns of the larger LGBT+ community. This isn’t to say I’m an expert groups in not directly a part of, but I do take it all into consideration. If I read something that comes off offensive, I’ll provide you with a suggested tweak because if you are double checking for these things I’m sure that isn’t your intent. Rates completely depends on genre, length of book, and required deadline. So please message me if you are interested.