Rose Sinclair 

Rose Sinclair is still waiting for her Starfleet uniform to come, until then she spends her time writing about magical girls and the morally grey. When she isn’t writing there is a good chance Photoshop is open. Any extra time is spent looking out for plot bunnies and serendipity. Her debut novel, Hello World, is the first in an Adult Science Fiction series and will release in 2016. But, if you’d like to have a dose of science fiction now check out the video game inspired Bone Diggers on Wattpad.

Find Me Online: Twitter | Tumblr

 Alex Tauber

Writer by day, cosplayer by weekend. Science fiction author of Hello World (Fall 2016) and Bone Diggers on Wattpad. When I’m not at a fan convention selling sweet nerd merch, I’m most likely playing video games and cuddling with my cat.

Find Me Online: Twitter

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