Patreon Relaunch!

Hello everyone! If you don’t know what patreon is it’s a platform where you can get exclusives from different artists,  and I’m one of them! I have tons of things planned so I wanted to give you a heads up of the rewards list for each tier.

The Spy 🕵
Get your eyes on exclusive short stories, these stories will self-destruct when replaced with a new one. You can’t go back, but you can keep any “unlocked missions.”

The Lockpicker🔓
Sometimes a spy needs to level up their skills. Get patreon only news, reviews, and more exclusives. The last three short stories will be declassified for your eyes only.

The Artist 🎨
Not only do you get the Spy and Lockpick rewards, but also mail! Get a handmade bookmark each month, likely watercolor but we’ll see were the muse takes this artist. US addresses only, international Artists will get a printable version.

The Writer✍️
The Writer is a multi-classer who wants access to the written word and enjoys making their own worlds. If you’re looking for a query edit or short story feedback this tier is the place to be. Rewards can be requested once a month by emailing

The Librarian 📚
For the ultimate book collector. Not only do you get bookmarks, short stories, and more, if you are missing a paperback of Bone Diggers or Hello World I will sign and send you a copy! When a new book is about to come out Librarian’s will be offered advanced reader copies. US only, international Librarians will be offered a trio of ebooks.

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